Biometrica and SoulSpark Partner to Protect At-Risk Patients Through 24×7, HIPAA-Compliant Background Check

June 1, 2021

With patient, provider, volunteer, and public safety the focus in the physical and virtual worlds, Biometrica will give SoulSpark the ability to run fully-automated, continuous background checks on an individual to mitigate insider threats.

MESA, Ariz., June 1, 2021 – Biometrica Systems, Inc., an Arizona and Nevada-based technology company that tracks crime and criminals, and SoulSpark, an Arizona-based virtual clinic providing mental health services to young survivors of trauma, announced a public safety partnership to protect at-risk youth that had been victims of tragic events.

SoulSpark became the first healthcare organization to sign up for eMotive, Biometrica’s next generation, 24×7 criminal background checking software. Dr. Jania Davis, SoulSpark CEO, said they “wanted to add an extra layer of protection to at-risk children and youth that had lived through too much pain.”

“Last year, a healthcare facility I was part of was rocked by the arrest of a longstanding staffer, charged with multiple counts of sexual conduct with a minor. It was tragic for the teenager, but also a devastating indictment of the system for everyone who worked there. We had one question: How did we miss it? We think eMotive holds the key to proactive protection, inasmuch as any system can.”

eMotive gives an organization the ability to be notified in near real-time, through an encrypted alert to authorized personnel, that an employee has potentially been arrested or convicted. The notification happens within minutes of that event being updated in law enforcement databases.

“We can decide if an arrest is relevant to patient safety or not based on job function, conduct underlying the arrest, and business necessity,” said Dr. Davis. “If a provider is arrested for a bounced check, it isn’t relevant. But if they are arrested for child pornography or domestic violence, that is relevant, especially as they interact with vulnerable youth.”

Kadambari Wade, Biometrica’s CCO, said eMotive was built with at-risk children in mind. “My daughter is 12, but about three developmentally. She is deaf and autistic. She cannot tell you if someone touches her inappropriately, nor know it is inappropriate. We thought the best way to protect children like her would be by ensuring people around them could be monitored on a continuous basis for the potential to do harm.”

Charlotte Spencer, eMotive’s lead UI/UX developer, said eMotive’s difference was in how it worked. “Our algorithms run automated continuous monitoring of enrolled people, as opposed to traditional, manual, single point-in-time checks. We focus only on law enforcement-sourced data. We don’t track credit scores, license plates, drug tests, or social media — that isn’t our business. We’re interested in whether you were arrested or convicted, and why.”

About SoulSpark

SoulSpark (https://soulspark.co) is a virtual outpatient mental health clinic for at-risk youth, specializing in trauma-informed care for sex-trafficking victims. We utilize an integrative therapeutic approach while empowering youth to address mental health, behavioral and substance abuse challenges. Services include psychiatry, family and group counseling, and life-skills training, with family and system providers collaborating to identify client-specific treatment plans.
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About Biometrica

Biometrica Systems, Inc. (http://www.biometrica.com) is a software & data company focused on public safety. We support federal, state, tribal and local law enforcement, organizations focused on child and vulnerable adult protection, and private sector safety teams. We are a PBSA member, committed to building better quality arrest and conviction data and more transparent access to it.

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