For almost 25 years, VisualCasino has been the premier product suite for the gaming industry. It offers a combination of different products & modules that allow commercial and tribal casino surveillance rooms and security operations, gaming commissions, other state regulators and gaming law enforcement to protect their people and assets, mitigate risk, manage compliance, detect known cheats and advantage players, support their harm reduction policies, and monitor other suspicious and/or potential criminal activity in order to fulfill their obligations under Title 31 (the Bank Secrecy Act — BSA/AML) and 26 U.S.C.

The VisualCasino products allow authorized clients to combine different modules through SSIN+ CID, X-LST, AFR and LOGiT, including an E2EE communication network to send live alerts across, algorithmic analysis of streaming video within casinos, internal and external databases of flagged individuals, self-exclusion data, real-time arrest and conviction data, and have access to device cheating and training games, and incident reporting and management systems.


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