We provide the real-time data and monitoring tools that will ethically support the work of law enforcement, trust and safety teams, and lawful investigations.

  • eMotive-EI (Enhanced Intelligence)

    eMotive-EI is a continuous monitoring system that runs 24x7 against UMbRA, our searchable, real-time, multi-jurisdictional database. eMotive-EI is fully automated, E2EE, & every event is logged, to maintain a digital chain of custody. Role-Based Access Controls and Attribute-Based Access Controls are available and no one outside of authorized users has access to or visibility into an eMotive dataset, including Biometrica staff.

  • Law Enforcement: Big Data + FR Training

    We understand the data we compile impacts communities differently. We also know our data and tools can save lives and prove innocence in real-time. We have partnered with the National Criminal Justice Training Center of Fox Valley Technical College to train law enforcement in the ethical use of big data and facial recognition and establish technology-focused best use templates to partner with local communities for crime prevention.

  • Multilingual, Encrypted Mobile App

    Our app allows officers to run a check against unknown individuals in under 10 seconds, giving them a lifesaving advantage through our “Last Mile Field Intelligence” platform. The multilingual app with preprogrammed sections also gives officers the ability to create a real-time, encrypted record of individuals apprehended in the field in one language and have that viewable by authorized UMbRA users in other languages within seconds.

  • Data Analytics + Machine Learning

    Our analytics rely on the most advanced observability tools available, built on proven technology that includes intelligent machine learning to converge silos and deliver unified visibility + actionable insights for real-time mapping. Our systems allow users to autogenerate granular statistics on several factors up to the previous hour, and run parallels within a county, state or region for a period based on customized parameters.

  • Red Flags + Some Crimes of Concern

    This is not “pre-crime.” We cannot predict future felonious acts or behavior by an individual. What we can do is use data from criminal records, past and current, to set up red flags for crimes of concern based on terms found in charges, and support investigations, locate missing people, or assist in finding patterns in criminal supply chains or disrupt trafficking networks. For e.g., we could set up an automated alert for where a charge contains “immoral conduct with a minor” and outbound notify an interested investigator.

  • Data Sourcing + Ensuring Integrity

    Our data is 100% sourced from law enforcement, court and government record. We pull in data from jurisdictions across the United States and are working with several countries on data access and partnerships. We take privacy very seriously and do not scrape social media, run credit checks, property records, etc. We do not amalgamate data on minors. Our systems are built to comply with multi-jurisdictional data privacy regulations.

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