• Casinos Are Where We Began

    We have provided surveillance room solutions to casinos and gaming commissions since 1998 and have since expanded to working with security teams, PIs and licensing and compliance professionals. Our solutions allow you to detect known cheats and advantage players, securely share information across an encrypted channel within or beyond your property, search through a repository of information on casino-specific individuals or groups, create white lists or blacklists, build immutable audit trails, and maintain AML obligations.

  • Public Safety Is Our Priority

    We support and work with federal, state and local law enforcement, tribal law enforcement, quasi-law enforcement bodies, intelligence agencies, private sector security and surveillance teams, private investigators and other public safety and public health professionals. Our data follows a four-pronged route: Threat Recognition, Threat Identification, Threat Analysis and Data Distribution, allowing you, as an organization to run 24×7 background checks and protect your employees, your communities, your assets and your reputation.

  • This is How We Do What We Do

    • Help track insider threats through a 100% LEA-sourced NatCrim database
    • Allow automated encrypted notification of arrest matches to monitored individuals
    • Maintain specific intelligence lists, blacklists & whitelists
    • Allow organizations to share data securely via an end-to-end encrypted network
    • Keep a legally viable digital audit trail of every report
    • Maintain privacy and PII obligations, while helping you keep your workplace safe

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