Mandatory Reporting Requirements

From federal government contractors with mandatory reporting requirements to employees working with critical infrastructure, from laboratory assistants to hospital workers to hotel staff, from pilots and truckers, delivery drivers and ride-share drivers to teachers, therapists and care providers, from accountants and IT workers to people entering military academies, from lawyers and to those securing private malls and group homes to those protecting our schools, colleges, churches and sports facilities, America is a country that requires people in many roles to be background checked for a variety of reasons: Public Safety, Workplace Safety, Compliance with Legal Requirements, Limitation of Liability, Customer Assurance, Protection of Vulnerable Communities, Conditions of Doing Business, and the fear over the loss of business, assets, reputation or life because of an incident caused by an individual with a past or current record. 

Continuous Protection

In most cases, organizations ask their human resource professionals to manage that complex process. Our data and technology are here to make it easier, more efficient and far more secure for you and your organization, not just at the point of hire, but for the duration of someone’s employment, contract or commitment to your organization, its people and those you serve. Our products also help you maintain compliance with those obligations for an individual’s employment or contract with you, while protecting their PII, SPI and PHI.

We also partner with CRAs and provide them with the data and tools to offer their clients continuous criminal background monitoring against our real-time NatCrim database, instead of a one-off or single point in time manual background check. We allow CRAs to be automatically notified via an encrypted alert when a client’s employee is potentially arrested, within minutes of that arrest.

  1. We are FCRA compliant
  2. We are a PBSA Associate Member
  3. Our system keeps an audit trail & a legally viable digital chain of custody.

Is Biometrica a CRA?

No, Biometrica is not a CRA. Biometrica is a data provider, more specifically, of real-time data-as-a-service (DaaS). Why are we not a consumer reporting agency? Because while our automated systems and algorithms provide what’s called “pointer data” to authorized clients with a subscription license in real-time (our data is updated from every jurisdiction every hour), for privacy reasons, Biometrica’s staff or contractors do not have any insight into or access to consumer data, i.e., the data of individual consumers being background checked by any organization, including their names or images.

Because of this, Biometrica staff and contractors also have no ability to conduct a background check or search on any individual consumer on behalf of a client, make a determination of a match (or not) to any criminal record, or make a recommendation on pre-adverse or adverse action. We provide that ability to our clients, once they are authorized and receive license keys.

We do provide information on FCRA compliance because it is important to our users, and because some of our users are CRAs. In the case of employee checks, we do not provide license keys till the employer signs an Employer Certification Agreement for FCRA Compliance, certifying they have complied with FCRA requirements. The Agreement details employee (this includes contractor, provider or volunteer) rights under the FCRA and requirements adhered to in order for employees to be background checked.

With privacy as a foundational philosophy, we do not access any biometric templates generated during a search and allow clients to set up their systems to delete and purge biometric templates based on their requirements. If storage is mandated by law, the biometric template is stored in a black box environment and Biometrica staffers have no access to that stored data. Every event in the system has an immutable audit trail, to ensure accountability.

This Is Why Our Solutions Matter

  • Employee & Contractor Checks

    Our criminal background checks for employees and contractors differ from traditional ones in that they are not one and done. We understand every role is different, every organization is different, and the circumstances that lead to an individual potentially being in our database could be far more nuanced than what a record states. Our algorithms present data in real-time and leave organizations to make informed choices about further action, based on the law and their procedures.

    Note: Our tools allow an organization to provide an individual with a report in under three seconds. Each event is logged through an immutable audit trail that can be presented in court.

  • Vetting Vendors and Visitors

    Several organizations have longstanding vendor contracts with other organizations that provide services from Information Technology to plumbing, and while they check their employees, they fail to monitor vendors or vendor contractors/workers. Organizations have to protect their people, their systems, their IP, and their assets in the physical world, the online world and in some cases, as it evolves, the metaverse. We can help validate identification.

    Note: We give you the ability to background check long-term vendors with access to your systems, or spot check a facility visitor in under 10 seconds for a possible threat at the point of sign in.

  • Volunteers and the Vulnerable

    America is a country that cares. Approximately 25% of American adults volunteer their time at hospitals, churches, group homes, PTAs, summer camps, the Special Olympics, different NGOs, political organizations, crisis centers, for search & rescue, at food banks and homeless shelters, for domestic violence victims and with children’s organizations of every kind. Many, not all organizations, background check volunteers when they sign up.

    Note: We give participating organizations the ability to be outbound notified by of a volunteer’s potential arrest for CSAM/OSEC offenses, sexual abuse, domestic or other violence.

  • Data Sources, Data Integrity

    All our data is near real-time, updated every hour, and is 100% sourced from law enforcement, court or government record. We actively pull in data from jurisdictions across the United States and are working with partners in several countries on data sharing partnerships that will provide us access to data from other jurisdictions. We work with and support law enforcement at the federal, state, tribal and local level within the US and abroad.

    Note: We do not manipulate or change the data in any way, even for obvious errors, in order to maintain digital chain of custody and preserve data integrity.

  • Data Privacy

    We take privacy seriously and do not scrape social media, or run credit checks, property records, etc.  We do not collect data on minors. To maintain privacy and data integrity, our staffers have no visibility into any partner or client’s dataset in eMotive. We are not a traditional background checking organization. Our systems are built to adapt to and comply with multi-jurisdictional data privacy regulations.

    Note: Biometrica’s data retention and biometric policy ensures all use is consistent with lawful purposes while not violating individual privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties (P/CRCL).

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