From hospitals and group homes to schools, colleges, churches and sports facilities, America is a country of caregivers of different stripes — employees, contractors, vendors and volunteers, physicians, teachers, coaches and other providers. While most organizations run background checks at the point of joining one, this is especially critical when you work with vulnerable populations, children, students, senior citizens, individuals with special needs or medical needs, those in nursing or group homes or assisted living facilities, and patients in hospitals. While a point of hire background check is important, it isn’t enough. You do need to know ASAP if an employee, provider or volunteer is arrested, especially for charges like DUIs, child pornography, sexual or drug abuse, and domestic or other violence. Our continuous criminal monitoring solutions give you the ability to keep those you support safe, in real time.

Here's how our products can help

  • Public

    We provide access to the US’s largest private, multi-jurisdictional, encrypted, and 100% law enforcement-verified database of real-time arrests, attached to facial recognition. We are committed to helping secure public and private spaces ranging from city halls and churches to colleges and casinos, to help identify potential threats and also to prove innocence.

  • Human

    Our solutions give HR professionals the ability to be automatically notified in real-time about arrests, look for potential red flags or insider threats that could jeopardize workplace safety or organizational assets and reputation. We help give you time to potentially preempt and defuse volatile situations and provide workplace investigators with a legally viable audit trail.

  • Licensing +

    Our products allow organizations to quickly verify identities, check documentation and the validity of that documentation, and provide any available conviction/arrest history of a potential licensee in operational real time. Our solutions help protect organizations from legal, financial, reputational and other risks, and help you pre-empt any insider threat by having information handy in real-time.

  • Know Your

    Our products help you protect those you look after in 2 ways: A) With our national database of arrests that pulls in data from law enforcement jurisdictions in real-time, as those arrests are logged. B) With a second, fully encrypted system, PII and HIPAA compliant, which allows you to monitor individuals and be notified automatically if there is a match to an arrested individual.

  • Know Your

    Our financial services solutions focused on real-time continuous criminal background monitoring help you Know Your Customer and Know Your Employee, protect your financial and human assets from physical and cyber harm, and help preserve your reputation by allowing you to detect possible insider threats, raise red flags and deescalate situations prior to crisis mode.

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