Record Request Procedures

Consumer Dispute/Request Procedures

How Do I Request a Free Copy of My Report?

You may request at any time a free copy of your report previously prepared by Biometrica, and/or your active database files maintained on you by Biometrica, by submitting the Biometrica Consumer Report Request Form.  You MUST also include a current copy of your driver’s license before we can proceed with your request.

Biometrica will only have your report if requested by one of its client companies.

How Do I Dispute the Accuracy of a Report?

If you already have a copy of your report and you believe that any information in your consumer report contains inaccurate information or is incomplete, you may file a dispute with Biometrica for free by submitting the Biometrica Notice of Consumer Dispute Form. The dispute investigation process may take up to 30 days, depending on the nature, scope and source of the information being disputed.  You MUST also include a current copy of your driver’s license before we can proceed with your dispute.

Biometrica Consumer Report Request and Notice of Consumer Dispute Instructions

To help Biometrica process your request and/or investigate your dispute as quickly as possible, please complete the following steps:

• Click on the appropriate link above.
• Complete the Biometrica Consumer Report Request Form that follows;
• Upload a current copy of your driver’s license and any supporting documentation.

You will ask you to:

• Provide your identifying and contact information, which will be used by Biometrica for purposes of authenticating your identity and protecting your privacy;
• Identify the information you are disputing;
• Give us permission to send the result to you via email.
• Your request or dispute will be sent to the Biometrica Compliance Department for processing upon submitting the form.

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