Biometrica Announces Corporate HQ To Be Based In AZ; Vegas Will Continue As Casino Operations Base

December 31, 2018

Phoenix area’s focus on growth and technology, the presence of innovation-focused universities, and a collaborative tech community and culture made it the logical choice.

PHOENIZ, AZ, DEC. 31: On Monday, Biometrica Systems, Inc., a Phoenix and Las Vegas-based technology company that tracks crime and criminals, announced that in keeping with its planned expansion into multiple verticals and on the back of the recently-announced opening of its first Phoenix-area office, its new corporate headquarters would be based in Tempe, Arizona.

“Twenty years ago, we began as a company focused solely on casino surveillance,” said Biometrica CEO Wyly Wade, “Las Vegas was a logical choice for basing our operations, and our Las Vegas office is still where our casino operations will be based. However, over the past few years, technology has changed dramatically and businesses in turn, have needed to adapt, and change.”

“With it, we’ve now been given the opportunity to apply our experience in tracking criminals to different sectors, and work with organizations across different industries on security, public safety and tracking crime. Likewise, the nature of our business has also changed to being a more data-centric product company. In keeping with that change, we believe it would help us to also make a physical move of our corporate HQ to a different environment.”

“We believe Arizona’s focus on growth, technology and innovation, its business-friendly environment, affordability, the presence of top-notch universities focused on original thinking and experimentation, and most importantly, the Phoenix area’s fantastic tech community and culture, make it the perfect place to be for Biometrica’s new HQ to be based, beginning Jan. 1, 2019,” he said.

Wade stated that he would be based in Arizona, as would the company’s compliance, human resources, operations, workplace investigations, customer services, non-casino sales, marketing, communications, development (tech), and payroll-focused individuals and teams as it expands. He added that casino-focused investigations, sales and accounts would continue to be based in Las Vegas, with the head of investigations also based there.

Biometrica CFO Nigel White said the HQ move to the Phoenix area was also convenient from a logistical standpoint because the company had ties with the region going back almost 5 years. “All our payroll and taxes have been managed out of Phoenix by an Arizona-based company since 2014. We’re familiar with the corporate environment, we’re excited about how business friendly the state is, and we’re looking forward to basing our operations there and moving forward with our Arizona-focused expansion plans in 2019 and 2020,” he said.

About Biometrica

Biometrica Systems, Inc. (www.biometrica.com) is an Arizona and Nevada-based technology company that creates software and systems with the intention of minimizing criminality. We have the country’s largest private multi-jurisdictional, 100% law enforcement verified database of arrests, attached to near real-time Facial Recognition, and a range of other biometric-enabled tools — including private, encrypted information networks and incident management software.

We work with and support the work of federal, state and local law enforcement, other first responders, criminal justice professionals (including nonprofits working in education, research and training with law enforcement), intelligence agencies, private investigators, process servers, and private sector security and surveillance teams. We are committed to doing our part in building better quality arrest and conviction data and more transparent access to that data.

Private Investigator License # 1295 [Nevada PILB]

For more information: media@biometrica.com