Biometrica Announces eMotive: Facial Recognition-Integrated 24×7 Criminal Background Check

December 11, 2018

With employer,employee, customer and public safety as the focus in both the physical and digital worlds, eMotive gives organizations the ability to run continuous, 24×7 criminal background checks, instead of a single annual background check, to mitigate both insider threats and external dangers on an ongoing basis.

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PHOENIX, AZ, DEC. 11, 2018: On Tuesday, Biometrica Systems, Inc., a Phoenix and Las Vegas-based technology company that tracks crime and criminals, announced the launch of eMotive, its next generation 24×7 continuous criminal background checking software. eMotive gives an organization the ability to be notified in near real-time, through an encrypted alert to authorized company personnel, that one of its employees has potentially been arrested. This typically happens within an hour to 24  hours of an individual’s arrest and within minutes of that arrest being updated in law enforcement databases.

“People travel across city, county, state and national boundaries. Crime travels.Information doesn’t travel as easily, and access to information that could be significant isn’t always available to organizations in real-time. eMotive changes all that,” said Biometrica CEO Wyly Wade. “It allows organizations that fall under the critical infrastructure umbrella and have mandatory self-reporting requirements, or others that do annual background checks even now but are increasingly finding that a single or point-in-time background check isn’t enough in a multi-threat environment, to be able to really do whatever they can to put the safety of their employees, customers and visitors first,” he added.

How it works

eMotive allows an organization to upload a list of employee (or contractors, or other)information, with their written permission, into an encrypted silo that sits beneath Biometrica’s 100% law-enforcement sourced multi-jurisdictional criminal database. Because the data in the silo will contain PII, it is only accessible to preauthorized personnel from an organization and access is tracked and audited. Algorithms then run 24×7 checks of that data against the data in the criminal database. When a possible match is found, the company-authorized individual gets an encrypted email alert, asking them to check eMotive. They then make the final determination.

Biometrica’s Director of Product Architecture, Kevin King, said eMotive was a “unique” platform because it “continuously provided background information on individuals using data verified by law enforcement, which was augmented by facial recognition for improved accuracy and relevancy.”

King stated there were a number of factors that made eMotive distinctive. “First, we’re different from other background checking companies in the sense that our algorithms do continuous monitoring of people on your list against law enforcement data as opposed to a point in time check. Second, we focus only on criminal data. We don’t track credit card scores or what you do or what you say on social media —that isn’t any of our business. We’re only interested in whether you did anything that actually broke the law and was identified as such law enforcement, because all our data is 100% law enforcement-sourced and verified.”

“Third,” he added, “We do no data manipulation at the back end. If law enforcement has misspelled someone’s name, that law enforcement record will reflect that misspelling. Fourth, because we augment the text data with facial recognition matching, it solves the problem of false positives. You may have multiple John Smiths by name, but you’re not going to see a whole bunch of almost identical 27-year-old employee John Smiths to an arrested John Smith crop up.”

Biometrica CFO Nigel White said that at the end of the day, eMotive’s basic purpose was allowing organizations to protect their “human and other assets.”

“It will help track possible insider threats, look for patterns and red flags, secure people within and outside your organization, and finally, protect your company and brand from financial and reputational harm on an ongoing basis,” saidWhite.

About Biometrica

Biometrica Systems,Inc. (www.biometrica.com) is an Arizona and Nevada-based technology company that creates software and systems with the intention of minimizing criminality. We have the country’s largest private multi-jurisdictional, 100% law enforcement verified database of arrests,attached to near real-time Facial Recognition, and a range of other biometric-enabled tools — including private, encrypted information networks and incident management software.

We work with and support the work of federal, state and local law enforcement, other first responders, criminal justice professionals (including nonprofits working in education, research and training with law enforcement), intelligence agencies,private investigators, process servers, and private sector security and surveillance teams. We are committed to doing our part in building better quality arrest and conviction data and more transparent access to that data.

Private Investigator License # 1295 [Nevada PILB]

For more information: media@biometrica.com