Former LA 311 Boyz Gang Member, Girlfriend Arrested In Idaho

February 16, 2021

By Anand Vasu

Steven Gazlay, a former 311 Boyz gang member, and Dana Nee, his girlfriend, were arrested on Feb 14. in Madison County, Idaho, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The two were out on bail in Las Vegas when they left. 

Nee failed to appear for a schedule videoconference court appearance and Gazlay removed an electronic monitoring ankle bracelet before fleeing. Gazlay has been convicted of eight felonies, including beating a teen with a crowbar and domestic violence, records show.

Gazlay had been a member of the 311 Boyz gang. The 311 Boyz Gang is unlike most others, Las Vegas Metro Police are quoted as saying to the Las Vegas Sun. The gang is made up mostly of white men hailing from middle- to upper-class families in the Las Vegas Valley. A violent group, they often videotaped each other fighting.

Investigators also allege that the gang shares symbols with racist groups, including a name that is purported to mean KKK and the Iron Cross, associated by some to Nazi Germany, the Las Vegas Sun article says.

After being released from prison in 2019 Gazlay and Nee swindled an Arizona lender out of $707,375 in a mortgage scam. A combination of identity theft and falsified documents were used in the scam.

Gazlay is alleged to have used some of the proceeds of the scam on a gambling spree. He has since been banned from Station Casinos in the Las Vegas areas after accumulating losses and then attempting to fraudulently obtain credit.

In the mortgage case, Gazlay and Nee have been indicted on charges of theft, forgery, mortgage lending fraud, and more.

In the 2014 domestic violence court case, Gazlay was accused of using a revolver and threatening to kill his girlfriend, the mother of his three children. He then shot himself in the leg, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

According to that report, Gazlay claimed that his girlfriend was angry that he was cheating on her and therefore shot him. However, Gazlay’s 11-year-old son said that Gazlay shot himself, during the trial.

Earlier, Gazlay was accused of using money from an automobile scam to gamble at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas on the Strip, and lost $178,250 in cash and markers.