Biometrica Heading To Oklahoma Meet To Discuss Tricksters And Trafficking

July 21, 2016

Company Case Study, Released In July 2016, Shows Overlap Between Casino Cheats And Human Trafficking, After Arrest This Year Of England-Based Criminal

Las Vegas, NV: Biometrica Systems, Inc., a Las Vegas and Virginia-based SaaS company focused on creating products that link the physical to the digital in order to prevent crime and track criminals and their associates, announced on Thursday that a company team would be headed to the 22nd annual Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association (OIGA) conference in Tulsa next week, and was looking forward to positive discussions with OIGA members on human trafficking, among other issues.

“We don’t just make products that track and catch casino cheats, though we’re well known for that,” said Biometrica’s Vice President of Business Development, Kevin Parker. “Our systems target tricksters, thieves, traffickers and terrorists. And given the results of our case study last week, and the fact that the OIGA is proactively looking to clamp down on trafficking, it made sense to reach out to them.”

Three years ago, in the summer of 2013, a nationwide FBI anti-trafficking operation across 76 American cities netted 150 arrests, more than one-third of which were in Oklahoma City. Shortly thereafter, the 19th Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association (OIGA) convention that kicked off in Oklahoma City emphasized the need to clamp down on human trafficking, with OIGA Executive Director, Sheila Morago, telling a state television station, “It wasn’t a good thing to have your head in the sand.”

Last week, a Biometrica case study showed how some members of an England-based gang of Turkish-origin poker cheats, found guilty of a “conspiracy to cheat” earlier this year in London, had been spotted on several occasions operating in several casinos across the United States over a three-year period, beginning in 2013.

They had been spotted on Biometrica’s Security & Surveillance Network (SSIN), a fully encrypted, peer-to-peer private information system, which allows for the building of a community of surveillance, security and other law enforcement professionals for the notification of people, events, alerts or warnings. One of the members of this particular gang of thieves, Tarik Nergiz, had escaped England in January 2016, after admitting guilt but prior to sentencing. He was, however, detained in France on human trafficking charges, and sentenced 12 months in prison.

“The OIGA’s wanting to be proactive about this issue makes complete sense, and they should be commended for it,” said Parker. “An October 2015 FBI release on Operation Cross Country, as their ongoing anti-trafficking initiative is called, stated that the sting operations they conducted to recover children, focused specifically on hotels, casinos and truck-stops.”

With 38 federally recognized Tribes, Oklahoma has the second largest Native American population in the United States, behind California. According to a 2015 report by OIGA, about 30 of these 38 Tribes collectively own nearly 125 Indian gaming operations across the state of Oklahoma.

Parker added that from January 2017, Biometrica would be conducting a series of online and in-person workshops and seminars, which will focus on methodologies to catch criminals and track criminality in the casino and gaming industry.

The workshops, intended to support the community of gaming regulators and security and surveillance professionals, will each focus on a different topic of interest, and include field experts and staff from Biometrica’s own Fusion Center, the hub from where its global security and surveillance operations are run. The workshop schedule and details will be announced by November 2016 on the company website.

About Biometrica

Biometrica Systems, Inc., a Nevada corporation, is in the business of creating software and systems that link the physical to the digital and the digital to the physical with the intention of minimizing criminality, or events that could lead to crime.

To this purpose, the company’s range of tools enable the recording of mala fide or criminal occurrences, recognize threats, identify politically enhanced personnel and their associates, track individuals or groups that have either committed a misdemeanor or felony, or have contributed to breaking the law, and finally, help security and surveillance teams of all stripes link all of the above.

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