From Casinos To Hotels And Malls, Biometrica Looks To Protect And Save

June 7, 2016

Given The Enhanced Global Threat Scenario, Biometric and Facial Recognition Products Leader Eyes Expansion into Retail and Hotels after Successful 2015

LAS VEGAS, NV: Anyone that has seen the 2001 comedy heist starrer, Ocean’s Eleven, is probably familiar with futuristic surveillance rooms, security centers and the concept of the “eye in the sky.” They are then already acquainted with some of the work of Biometrica Systems, Inc., a Las Vegas and Virginia-based SaaS company that protects an estimated 45% of U.S. casino revenue across almost 200 casinos. They are also about to get even more familiar.

Biometrica, which was previously focused on creating biometric and facial recognition products and systems for security and surveillance teams in the casino and gaming industry, announced Tuesday that it was expanding into the retail and hospitality sectors on the back of a very successful 2015.

“2015 was a very exciting year for us,” said Biometrica’s Vice President of Business Development, Kevin Parker, adding that the technology products company had seen a more than 30% growth in sales, while maintaining profitability. “Given the natural connections between the casino and hotel sectors, it made perfect sense to move first into the hospitality industry, and simultaneously look at moving into another natural fit, the retail sector,” said Parker.

Through a suite of products built around its industry-defining interface, Visual Casino, Biometrica helps its customers in recognizing, identifying and analyzing threats, and then tracking them through its data distribution platform and networks. In 2015, the company grew its international presence to five countries, propelled by the rapid adoption among customers of LOGiT, a Security Management and Incident Reporting (IR) tool.

“With LOGiT, we created a security-focused Incident Response module that is the basis for the building of a digital CaseFile of every security-related incident,” said the company’s Chief Financial Officer, Nigel F. White. “It had significant uptake, leading to a 12% growth in customers, in addition to the 30%-plus growth in sales.”

While previously, security and surveillance teams in organizations typically worked in silos, LOGiT allows security and surveillance records to be tied together at the local (intra-organization) level and beyond through alerts generated through another unique Biometrica product — the SSIN, or Security & Surveillance Information Network.

The SSIN is a fully encrypted, peer-to-peer private information system, incorporating both shared watch-lists and intra-organizational watch-lists, which allow for the notification of people, events, alerts or warnings.

This year, the company is dramatically expanding its international presence, in addition to the multi-sector expansion into the hospitality and retail sectors. Over the next few weeks, Biometrica will showcase a brand new product and also introduce new versions of the complete existing product set, as it continues to support its customers’ missions in protecting their customers and businesses.

About Biometrica

Biometrica Systems, Inc., a Nevada corporation, is in the business of creating software and systems that link the physical to the digital and the digital to the physical with the intention of minimizing criminality, or events that could lead to crime.

To this purpose, the company’s range of tools enable the recording of mala fide or criminal occurrences, recognize threats, identify politically enhanced personnel and their associates, track individuals or groups that have either committed a misdemeanor or felony, or have contributed to breaking the law, and finally, help security and surveillance teams of all stripes link all of the above. 

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