Biometrica Names Wyly Wade, Global Biometrics And Cybersecurity Expert, As CEO

June 9, 2016

A Board Member and Former Company Advisor, New CEO Wyly Wade Has Worked With Security Groups, Intelligence Agencies And Governments Across Five Continents

LAS VEGAS, NV: The Board of Biometrica Systems, Inc., a Las Vegas and Virginia-based SaaS company focused on creating products that link the physical to the digital in order to prevent crime and track criminals and their associates, announced on Thursday that Board member and technology maven Wyly Wade will lead the company’s multi-sector domestic and international expansion as its new Chief Executive Officer & President.

“This is an exciting time for Biometrica,” said Kawaljit “Tony” Singh, the chairman of the Biometrica board. “We already protect roughly 45% of U.S. casino revenue through our range of products. During this time, as we go from being only casino-focused to moving into the hospitality and retail sectors, and look to expand our presence from five countries to many more, it makes perfect sense to have Wyly lead that process of growth given his multifaceted background in cybersecurity, biometrics and identification, and his work with different governments, intelligence agencies, and the private sector.”

Wade, who has advised Biometrica on strategy and direction for two years, has worked with both private security groups and government agencies in multiple countries, including the United States, Japan, Brazil, Columbia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Haiti, Rwanda, Mexico, Maldives, Tajikistan, Nepal, Afghanistan, Germany, and Ghana, on biometrics, benefit delivery, identification and security issues.
He was part of the original group that built the world’s largest health insurance program (called RSBY) for people below the poverty line in India, and also part of the founding core team at the Unique Identification Authority of India, which built Aadhaar, a project that, with more than 1 billion people enrolled, is now the world’s largest biometric program.

“Biometrica is a company on the cusp of changing how the world recognizes and identifies threats, tracks patterns that lead to crime, and people that commit criminal events, from thieves to traffickers to terrorists. I’m looking forward to leading the company as we grow into becoming a global leader in the security and surveillance sector across industries and regions,” said Wade.
In the two decades since the time when, barely out of his teens, he solved a bug that was obstructing what later became the release of Lotus Notes 4, Wade has worn multiple hats. He helped set up the security practice at technology consulting services pioneer, Cambridge Technology Partners, in the mid-1990s, focusing on South America and the drug cartels. In 1997, he and his team at Cambridge hacked into the Federal Reserve, with permission, on live television — for ABC’s 20/20 — to show The Fed just how vulnerable banking systems could be.

Later, as CTO of Holliston, the U.S. passport maker, he advanced product offerings to include producing passports and security documents for 85 countries, and helped develop biometric standards for the U.S. passport. In that capacity, as an advisor to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), he was instrumental in defining the requirements for the e-passport.
Wade will be based out of Biometrica’s Virginia office.

About Biometrica

Biometrica Systems, Inc., a Nevada corporation, is in the business of creating software and systems that link the physical to the digital and the digital to the physical with the intention of minimizing criminality, or events that could lead to crime.

To this purpose, the company’s range of tools enable the recording of mala fide or criminal occurrences, recognize threats, identify politically enhanced personnel and their associates, track individuals or groups that have either committed a misdemeanor or felony, or have contributed to breaking the law, and finally, help security and surveillance teams of all stripes link all of the above. 

Private Investigator License # 1295 [Nevada PILB]


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