Biometrica Announces Release Of UMbRA, A 100% Law Enforcement-Verified Multi-jurisdictional Database Of Arrests And Convictions

September 20, 2017

UMbRA, which stands for Unique Mission to Build Records and Arrests, is a tool focused on security and surveillance professionals, law enforcement officials and investigators

LAS VEGAS, NV, September 20, 2017: On Wednesday, Biometrica Systems, Inc., a Las Vegas-based SaaS company that uses biometrics — including facial recognition systems and databases, encrypted information networks and incident management tools — to track crime and criminals, announced the release of UMbRA, a 100% law-enforcement-sourced database of people that have been arrested, convicted of a crime, or are wanted by law enforcement in connection with one.

UMbRA, the Unique Mission to Build Records and Arrests, allows subscribers to run a search on a person in one of two ways. They could upload an image of an unknown subject, run it against Biometrica’s Advanced Facial Recognition (AFR) system, and sift through the options the system provides, or they could run a text-only search against a database of millions of law enforcement-verified records. UMbRA returns results in real-time, from between 30 seconds to two minutes.

“The release of UMbRA has been two years in the making, and there was a need for a product like this,” said Biometrica CEO Wyly Wade. “In today’s world, crime travels, but information on the people behind the crimes doesn’t travel as easily or isn’t accessible very easily, even to those that need the information. UMbRA helps solve that problem.”

He added, “We spoke to several security and surveillance professionals from the private sector, and law enforcement officers from different jurisdictions, and realized one of the big issues they had was an inability to get access to cross-jurisdictional data in near real-time, that is, when it mattered. We provide that ability in seconds, including on mobile devices, so the person on the frontlines knows what they’re dealing with.”

“UMbRA would be useful in multiple situations,” said Biometrica’s Vice President of Business Development, Kevin Parker. “You may have a local beat cop walking into a domestic violence situation in North Carolina, without knowing one of the parties has a prior conviction for aggravated assault in North Dakota. There might be a situation where a hotel guest with no kids is spending all his time near a children’s play area. With UMbRA, the security officers could run a scan in seconds, and find he’s a convicted pedophile. The hotel could let him stay, but would, logically, want to redirect him from the children’s area.”

The release of UMbRA fits into Biometrica’s long-term strategy, which is concentrated around a planned expansion into different markets. “UMbRA also fits in with our existing powerful suite of security products,” said Wade. “It uses the AFR system, you can pass information or alerts across SSIN, our encrypted Security & Surveillance Information System so as to not compromise PII, you can create local level blacklists or whitelists through X-LST and you can manage incidents across LOGiT, our incident management tool, which creates a digital audit trail of events.”

About Biometrica 

Biometrica Systems, Inc., a Nevada corporation, is in the business of creating software and systems that link the physical to the digital and the digital to the physical with the intention of minimizing criminality, or events that could lead to crime.

To this purpose, the company’s cyber-physical products and modules, and range of biometric-enabled tools — including private, encrypted information networks, facial recognition systems and databases, and incident management software — enable the recording of criminal occurrences, recognize threats, track individuals or groups that have either committed a misdemeanor or felony or contributed to breaking the law, protect PII, help organizations know their customers and their employees, and allow security and surveillance teams to link all of the above.

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